What is the Reclaim Your Marriage Program, and How Do I Sign Up?

The Reclaim Your Marriage Program is an in-depth course full of marriage-coaching videos, worksheets, printables, and MORE to help you get your marriage back on track!

One reader, whose marriage was on the rocks, had this to say:

"My husband and I signed up for the RYM Program after I randomly came across your 7 Days of Love program on Pinterest. Our marriage was in an awful place. We had already been attending counseling for 2 months with no hope in sight. In fact, we often left the counseling appointments more upset and hurt about our relationship than going in. I was desperate to find the marriage help we needed, if it even existed... So I committed myself to giving 7 Days of Love a try, I mean what did I have to lose? The first few days were pretty easy, I didn’t really even need to talk to him face to face…BONUS! (Yep our marriage was that bad!) But, surprisingly, preparing them started to rekindle thoughts, memories, and feelings toward my husband I hadn’t felt in a LONG time. Kindness began to replace my anger and annoyance. My husband was so touched by the gestures, he too, began responding to me in kind, and more gentle, ways. Needless to say by the end of the week, the intimacy day came totally naturally (a MAJOR accomplishment for me) and we were actually HAPPY to talk to each other. It was seriously miraculous! We were sooooo amazed at what just one week could do we immediately dropped our counselor and signed up for the RYM marriage - which has also been nothing short of amazing - a LOT of work, but it is making a huge difference already. Thank you divas for being exactly the miracle we needed!" - Nicole Shepherd

Another, who simply wanted to take her marriage from good to GREAT said this:

"We have a good marriage and I love him with all my heart. Of course there are parts of our marriage that we are currently working on and know that we have to continue to work on our marriage so that was why I was interested in your Reclaim Your Marriage Program. It sounded like a great way to get focused. As I looked at the "Goals" section I was impressed. It made me think about things that we could do to get more aligned in that area. You guys have such incredible ideas. We've used some of your dating ideas and plan to keep using them. It makes planning dates easier, and makes our dates fun. That's one area we have to work on. With 2 kids, it is definitely difficult to afford a babysitter, find time, and then be able to go on a date. My husband's work schedule is so busy that we have to get more focused to make our date nights happen. You ladies are amazing! I count it a blessing to have found The Dating Divas." - Katie Huffman

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    Julie R

    I really wish this was more affordable.  Your course has been brought to my attention a few times, and every time, I'm so intrigued.  I'm desperate for something to help with our marriage, and I'd love to take it with my husband, but even with the half-off offer right now, we just don't have the nearly $500 it costs for the ten weeks.  I don't think I have a single friend who would be able to afford to just drop 500 bucks over 10 weeks.  I just wish there were things like this that were more affordable, for people who are struggling but don't have a ton of extra money.

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