How do you balance your children, everyday life, AND still focus on your husband?

Our husbands are our first priority. We all know that if we don’t have a strong marriage then everything else will be out of balance in our lives! He comes before the children, our “to-do lists”, cleaning, work, etc.  This means that every day we look for ways to show our love to our spouses…. whether it be talking about his day, ironing his shirts, packing a lunch…with a love note inside, multi-tasking earlier in the day to get the laundry done so our date night isn’t postponed….

Balancing life is tough! Remember that by keeping your marriage fulfilling for both you and your spouse…and keeping the LOVE alive…all the other responsibilities will become MUCH easier to manage!  You will have created a great team…and everyone knows that two are better than one!  Take it one day at a time and create weekly or even daily “to-do” lists {A few of the divas are obsessed with those!!}.  If your spouse is “on board”…then we would suggest sitting down at the beginning of each week or month and mapping out a plan or schedule together.  This will hopefully keep you organized, ensure the best time management possible, and then free up time to spend with your spouse and children. A little planning can and WILL pay off!

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