How do you get your husband to plan dates? I feel like I am always the one planning.

Have your husband start looking at The Dating Divas’ website!! LOL, but seriously….a lot of times if you just tell your husband what you want – he will do it. He’s not a mind reader so let him know that you would absolutely love for him to plan the next date to see what he comes up with and then have an open mind. We have found when we first take the initiative and go the extra mile for our husbands, they are more inclined to reciprocate. Sometimes it is just easier to spell it out. There is nothing wrong with just saying, “Hey, Hun/Babe/Sweetheart/Love of My Life, it’s your turn to plan something fun for me!” It would be great if guys could think of this on their own but that is not always the case and it doesn’t make it any less fun that you had to tell them it’s THEIR TURN.

If your man isn’t picking up on your hints…let him know! Tell him straight out. Talk to him about switching off dates every other week or month. Even giving him a day and time to work with would be a great start. Make a list together of things you’d like to do on a date and “offer” to let him make a plan for the ones he writes down or is excited about. Some of us wives need to give our hubbies a little extra push to get the ball rolling! If he plans a date and actually takes you on it…make a big deal out of it!!  Let him know how much fun you had, how excited you are that he planned something, how you LOVE spending quality time with him! MAKE SURE to reward him at the end of the night after his fabulous dates!!  {WINK!} This will definitely help keep those comin’!!

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