My husband is gone a lot due to work/school/military, etc. How can I keep the spark alive long distance?

Keeping love and romance alive in your marriage long distance is tricky for sure! Keeping your communication strong and all of your good memories fresh in your minds will definitely help! The best ways to do this would be talking on the phone A LOT, sending text messages, and writing letters…not just e-mails but actual letters. Don’t underestimate the power of a LOVE letter.  Sometimes more is accomplished and portrayed to your spouse in a beautifully written letter then you can accomplish by sitting home together all night long.

For those of you who are not able to communicate with your loved one on a daily basis, there are many other things you can do. Document and take pictures of things each other missed while apart and present it in a cute way that shows you care. Make a countdown towards the time you’ll be together again or a when you can spend more time together. Share the daily life happenings with each other as you would if you were with each other all day….but make sure to keep those things positive!  Keep a picture of each other in a place where you will see it often – in your school binder, in your wallet, on the sun visor of the car… (make it a picture you’re proud of and that he’ll love seeing and sharing!)  Send out air mail as much as possible and seal it with a bright red lipstick mark each time….even spray it with his favorite of your perfumes!

Feel free to START HERE, as well as browse our site for a variety of long distance ideas. We are positive you will find many ideas that will inspire you in your own marriage.

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