What would you Divas suggest for a struggling marriage?

For a struggling marriage, we would first suggest humble prayer. Throw pride out the window and take the first step to bettering your marriage. Look inside yourself as to what has changed since “newlywed bliss.” What can you do for your marriage?  Never expect your spouse to change; the only person you can change is yourself. We have lots of ideas and advice on our site for ways to rekindle your romance – all you need to do is start putting these ideas into practice. Do not wait. Do not put it off until it’s too late. Start today to take the initiative to change.

Next, try to serve your spouse and take care of his needs above your own and hopefully watch miracles happen. Forget yourself and do all that you can to make them happy. Worry about their needs and wants and completely forget yours and what you think you aren’t getting. It is easy to become selfish in your marriage and focus on what you want and need but once you flip it around, we think you will not only notice a change but your spouse will more than likely return the favor and the problems could easily be worked out…if not fixed altogether. Get back to the basics, court your spouse, recreate your first date, set aside a date night once a week, focus on your spouse, and COMMUNICATE!

Last, we would suggest counseling to overcome deep issues.  Sometimes a mediator is needed to push through hurt feelings and past regrets.  We have had several friends who have taken this route, and although it has been a hard journey for them…many marriages have been saved.  Our biggest and BEST advice for those of you with struggling marriages is to completely put your spouse first every single day!  We have done so…and we have definitely reaped the rewards!

One AMAZING resource we offer is our Reclaim Your Marriage Program: 10 Ways to Divorce-Proof Your Marriage. This program is ideal for marriages that are struggling to make it work and need outside assistance to guide them throw 10 key aspects of marriage. Complete with printables, video sessions and a wealth of information, this program allows you to work together in the comfort of your own home AND helps protect the pocket book by offering a more reasonable rate of assistance than outside counseling.  For more information, please click here.

A final resource we offer is our Marriage Masters Program.  This program is designed for marriages looking for a done-for-you way to date your spouse.  We understand the life is busy and time is tight.  BUT, that doesn't mean your marriage should take a back seat.  If your marriage needs a go-to guide for dates, love notes, marital conversation topics and more, then this is for you.  For more information, please click here.

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