We are on a strict budget. How can we afford to go on dates?

A date is simply two people spending quality time together. The Divas believe that dating does NOT have to break the bank! These days we are all on a budget and that is part of the reason we started this website. We wanted to show that you can have a blast with your spouse for pretty cheap.

We try to do things that we know most people have easy access to and we give plenty of options of how to make the dates even more budget savvy! We come up with ideas that are inexpensive and even more important – memorable! You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make a date memorable. If you find a date that you want to go on and it has too many elements that hit the pocketbook, simply tailor the date to your needs! The great thing about our dates is that you can totally change them up to make them your own and fit your financial needs.

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